Pension time

Book your free personal review now!

Book your free personal review now!

Things NOT to do for yourself to protect your future.

Credit cards

  • Max out your credit card – regularly.
  • With rates as high as 23% credit cards are the best way to keep you poor and the banks rich

Buy an expensive car on credit. Cars cost a lot. Look at the extras!

  • Insurance is higher with an expensive car
  • Fuel consumption is higher  with a bigger engine
  • Higher service costs with a more complex vehicle.
  • Buy new – lose 30% of the value as you drive away from the dealership. That’s a very expensive nice feeling
  • Fast cars more likely to be stolen and crashed.

Buy an old fixer upper house – Money pit

There is always something unseen. Rotten floors, rising damp, leaky roof- Need I go on- the grief!


Florida for the Sun , Norway for the northern lights, diving in the Caribbean all sounds wonderful, except very few of us got to do it in the year of Covid 19.

Designer shoes and Handbags.

All the above have one thing in common they are usually discretionary spends after tax income. So they cost twice as much as you think. As the saying goes,, once your money is gone it’s gone. 

Of course we all need transport and a house and a break. I know, I sound like a spoil sport,  and I enjoy all of those things too, and am just as tempted. However, we all know the person that has pushed the boat out on these items. We all know someone that looks wealthy, but really is not. On the flip side, we also all know people that don’t enjoy life. It’s all about getting the balance right. It’s your job to find that balance. This is where we can help. To find your balance and to plan for your future. To make the most of what you have. So, take us up on our offer and book your free personal review today!